Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Sad Day For The Animals

A fire broke out in the Second Chance Animal Shelter down in Killeen, TX today killing about one hundred and ten cats and dogs. Yes it’s a sad time to read about the loss of so many pets that didn’t have a chance from the smoke filled shelter.

The animals shelter manager Ginger Smith Holmes said: It was total disbelief and shock, and I just couldn't quite believe it. Ginger hopingly said: They laid down and went to sleep and that's what happened, because if I think of anything else...I can't cope.

This fire has devastated not only the volunteers but the community for something like this to happen. The Second Chance Animal Shelter is in need of your support to help them with the replacement of the food and items that were lost due to the fire.

Read the article by Foti Kallergis here.

Another sad note goes out to the loss of Jake a two year old dog who was set on fire a week ago. Jakes owners Deionna Richardson and Troy Jeanmard from Baker, LA thinks that someone set poor little Jake on fire for revenge.

How sad is that for someone to do this to a dog, I just hope that the Police find the sick person and locks them up. The dog lovers in jail will take care of them for what they did.

Read the article by Caroline Moses here.

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