Friday, November 6, 2009

So What Really Goes On In An Animal Shelter

Well today is your lucky day after the Mayor AC Wharton from Memphis, TN made some big changes in town. With the firing of Ernest Alexander who was the Director at the shelter.

I like the Mayors outlook on the needed changes when he said: I am not an expert on this but I tell you what, I can tell you if it's clean or its dirty, I can tell you the difference between a pet that's been fed, and one that's been loved and not loved.

That’s all that my buddies were looking for: a little love and care while they are waiting to find their new home.
A Big Thanks goes out to the Mayor Wharton from all of us dogs……

Read the article by Lori Brown here.

Now if you want to see what goes on in an animal shelter check out the Memphis Animal Shelter Web Cam.

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