Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dogs And Salmon Don’t Mix

A little ten month old Golden Retriever named Abby had put her owner Shana Brooks and a Vet named Dr. Taylor Douglas though a little guessing game on why the dog was sick.

Well a couple of weeks earlier Shana had gone salmon fishing and at that time little Abby had gotten a taste of her own on a fish. That’s when Dr. Douglas thought that the dog had gotten salmon poisoning which would kill most dogs that go untreated.

Thankfully little Abby made it though and is doing good.

A Veterinarian for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife named Colin Gillin said: reports of salmon poisoning are infrequent. Its origin is in a bacterial organism called neorickettsia, which is carried by a specific parasite called a fluke that thrives in the waterways of the western Pacific Northwest. But here's the bad news: Salmon poisoning is specific to one region, and that region happens to be west of the Cascade Range in Oregon, Washington, California and British Columbia.

Read the article by Ben Salmon here.

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Trish said...

Good to know! I have been giving my dog salmon every day for like a month!