Monday, November 30, 2009

The Ten Most Aggressive Dogs?

When I read this article it took me back a little to find out that two of my dogs were on the top ten lists coming in at first and second place. Who would have thought that a Dachshund would have taken first place and then to see that the Chihuahua came in second place has really got me laughing now.

The only signs I have ever seen any of my dogs with a little bit of aggression was the Chihuahua who is now thirteen years old, was when he wants to lay down and not be touch, it comes with old age.

Then you read about all these towns that have called the Pit-Bull one of the most aggressive dogs that brought fear to their town. I still believe that all dogs are kind and the ones that turn bad are due to the owners fault.

See if your dog has made the list here.

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