Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Started Off As A Love For Dogs Went Bad Over Time

We all have read about animal rescue places all over the world by people that just want to help save a pet from being killed, but sometimes things just get out of hand like a woman named Diane Habener from Phoenix, AZ who is the latest to show what happens when you take in too many pets because your heart doesn’t want to see them killed.

Well Diane was arrested yesterday for hoarding over one hundred and twenty animals in her business that she ran out of a house called Tuffies Rescue.

The Sheriff Joe Arpaio said: It appears as though Ms. Habener got in way over her head by taking in too many animals. She did not provide the proper care needed to safely and humanely house these animals. Conditions at both locations where Habener housed animals were deplorable at best.

One person that commented on the story named DeistExtremist said: I was one of the people who helped to get her shut down. She didn't have any soft spot for those animals. She would tell volunteers and people who worked there not to feed them so they wouldn't crap in their cages so much. She would leave for the weekend and not get them food. This went on for a year. I watched all those animals suffer for a year while they put together the charges to finally bring her to justice. It was sickening what she put them through. The law in this state says you only have to water dogs in shelters once every three days. Imagine that? I hope this story would do something about that but it probably won't. Diane deserves everything she is getting.

Another comment by ragdoll said: I’m sure these people had good intensions and I’m sure they were trying to make a difference in these animals’ lives. The people we need to be upset with are irresponsible pet owners who breed their dogs and cats. There seems to be an up surge of people thinking they can make money off of selling puppies and kittens right now. Idiots don’t realize that they put down 40,000 – 50,000 pets a year here in Maricopa County and over 30% of the dogs put down have papers. We need to get laws that will protect animals from their irresponsible owners who just breed them for money or because they are too lazy to get them spayed or neutered. In our ‘throw away’ society, we unfortunately think it’s OK to throw our pets away too.

I have to agree with this comment because all you see are ads for pets in places like craiglist by people trying to make a buck off their dog. Yes people buy these dogs from the web or the so called puppy mills and the next thing you know you see an ad saying that the dog has to go because we don’t have room or we are moving and we can’t take them with us, so why did you rescue or buy the dog in the first place. Would you just dump your child because you didn’t have the room? These poor little animals don’t know how to fend for themselves; they are only looking for a loving home.

Read the article by JJ Hensley here.

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