Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Lowlife Couple Just Abandon Their Dog

Photo by WMC-TV

The question again is how could you just get up and leave your pet dog locked up with no food or water behind. This couple Deah & Nicholas Martin from Memphis, TN did just that, when they moved out of their apartment.

The poor little one year old pit bull somehow survived being lock up for two weeks before he was found by a maintenance worker. The police have charged the two with animal cruelty charges for what they have done to this dog.

It’s so sad when you read about people just abandoning their pets with no care in the world, I wonder how they would feel if someone did that to them. When we go out and buy a pet it is suppose to be for life, there are not just some types of disposable items. They have feeling just like we do and need the love and care you would give your own child. I personally hope that the judge throws the book at these to lowlifes for what they did.

Read the article and see the video by Jason Miles here.

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