Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Women Who Spent All She Had On Saving The Animals Is Now In Need

There’s a special place called Journeys End Animal Sanctuary that is ran by a special type of person named Florence Thuot who has cared for the unwanted cats and dogs at her home in DeLand, FL since 1974. These are the ones that have been abused and neglected and have disabilities that no one wants.

Well as we all know how times have been lately Florence has almost done all she could to help save her pets by mortgaging her house and even taking from her social security check to help get by. So now the time has come where Florence is worried on how to pay for the keep of her house and pets.

So if you can help the Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary you may send a Donations to Journey's End at P.O. Box 220163, Glenwood, FL 32722. Or you can donate here.

Read the article by Daphne Sashin here.

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