Monday, November 30, 2009

Did They Just Give Up On This Dog Too Soon?

A Dog that was covered in a tar like substance was shot because the Marshall County animal control officer Kevin Hooks decided that it was too much to clean the dog.

When I read this it made me upset to think that they didn’t even try and clean the poor dog before they killed him. And to think that they use a scale of one to ten on who is to die is even more upsetting.

After Kevin Hooks called a veterinarian he said: it was going to be hard to get all the tar off, It would be very taxing on him and he would not have survived.

So now a dog that was around seven months old was killed because they gave up maybe too soon and they didn’t even try.

Read the article by David Moore here.

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Anonymous said...

To start with who is this joker who decides the fate of a poor defenseless animal. What gave him the authority or power to just shoot this poor dog? Target pratice maybe? getting his jollies by seeing the poor little thing cower down at the sight of his big bad gun? Where is the control officer that needs to take action against this dog murderer? I'LL bet it the fat red headed one I see working at his fence business during county work hours. I would have cleaned the dog myself as well as I'm sure many other upstanding citizens in the area would have tried to have done but the dog never stood a chance against this big bad man and his large gun. I seek justice against this man for the life of this poor dog. Peole BEWARE of the control officer that carries a gun!