Friday, November 20, 2009

Do You Know What 1080 Bait Is

I was doing a little surfing today and came across an article on that was about a girl’s dog that had died from unmarked 1080 bait. The video she had shared was overwhelming to feel the loss of her dog Jarrah.

I did a little searching on what this 1080 bait stuff is and it not nice. The 1080 bait contains sodium monofluroacetate that is used to kill unwanted animals. And over @ The World League for Protection of Animals they explain how it can take up to forty four hours just for the animal to die from this stuff.

Here is a quote from their page: Affected wallabies were sometimes observed sitting hunched up, with heads held shakily just above the ground. Generally they appeared non-alert and 'sick', with shivering or shaking forelimbs and unsteady balance. Most individuals then experience convulsions, falling to the ground and lying on their backs and sides, kicking and making running motions with their hind legs before dying. Many individuals also ejaculated shortly before death, and, with others, exuded a white froth from their nostrils and mouth.

Now this stuff is some serious stuff that doesn’t care what it kills, I just hope that no little kids get into this stuff too.

There is a petition site over at Care2 that you can sign if you really care, I did.

I wonder how many other counties use this stuff…

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do some more research