Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thrown, Crashed And Cooked Dogs In The News

So who threw the little Labrador of the bridge over in Oliver Wisconsin, that’s what the dog’s owner Bob Mittlestad and the Police would like to know.
How could someone do that to the poor little dog.

Read the article here.

Over in Arkansas you have to wonder if it was meant to be when a women fell asleep while driving and crashed her SUV and trailer. That is probably what helped save some of the dogs she had locked up in the trailer that were hungry and exhausted from being out in the heat.

Kay Simpson from the Pulaski County Humane Society said: In the heat, with the humidity the way it is, it's just basically a death sentence for them..
This women had forty two dogs with her and three of them were dead in the SUV, while three died due to the accident. What a shame for these poor dogs to be cooped up like that and to have some of them die because of this woman.

Read the article by Pete Thompson here.

And how many times do we need to tell people not to leave your pet in the car. Tell me how many, did you get it.

Well James G. Krah from Mountain Lakes, NJ was dumb enough to do that and he was fined for it. Lucky the poor dog didn’t die from being lock up for almost an hour before he was rescued.

Time after time there are so many articles post all over the news telling people not to do this, especially when it’s hot out. It only takes a short time for your pet to die in a vehicle, when the windows are shut.

Read the article here.

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