Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The SPCA CEO Robin Starr Dog Dies From Being Left In The Car

Can you imagine reading an article like this, well the SPCA’s CEO Robin Starr is suppose to be protecting are buddies, but this time she is on the other side. Her poor dog Louie was left in her car by her husband and Robin was unaware that the dog was in the back of her car when she went to work.

I don’t know about you but if I drove my car with the dogs in the back they would have gotten my attention along the drive, so to read that Robin was unaware is hard to believe to me. This is going to ruin her reputation with the SPCA for sure, just wait until all the media reads about this.

Read the article by Andy Jenks & Phil Riggan here.


No willful intent found in death of Richmond SPCA chief’s dog


Anonymous said...

this is an absurd statement. her dog louie was 16, blind, and deaf. he was not one to bark or move around during a car ride. to allege that ms. starr did this on purpose or is covering someone up is cruel and inaccurate. next time you should make sure that you convey the entire story.

Anonymous said...

In addition, Starr is quoted as saying "This experience has been deeply painful, and terribly traumatic for our family," and the interview was described as "tearful". Does that sound malicious to you? Do you seriously think that she would do this on purpose?!

Dogman2 said...

First off I didn't know that the dog was deaf and I didn't say anything bad about Robin. What I did say was that the media will be making all kinds of statements. I am a dog lover and understand the loss of one's dog. Yes not knowing the whole story can change ones outlook on an article, it wasn't noted on the article to begin with. So for you who have posted anonymous I agree with you being mad at me.

Anonymous said...

ignorance is no excuse.

the dog died because both of them were too wrapped up in themselves to realize he was even around.

no one with that kind of mentality should own a dog.

Anonymous said...

This woman should definitely lose her job! Anyone in a position of authority should be responsible for their own actions. This woman is blaming her own husband!Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Starr is putting out the word to her supporters to help control the comments - this entry appears on the group's Facebook page: "Richmond SPCA Please show your love and support for Robin and the Starr family in the tragic loss of their beloved dog Louie by making your compassion known in the comments section of online news stories and videos."
They should have been smarter by sending this out quietly rather than posting on their public page. But I guess any group that would show support for a woman who is PAID to advocate for pet and then locks hers in a hot car, isn't a very smart group.

Also, this was posted on the original story in the Times-Dispatch providing proof of her hypocracy:
"here's a good example for all of you people defending her, a few years ago a little boy as killed by the family's pet rotweiler, before the funeral arrangements were made robin starr was pushing for charges to be pressed against the family, so tell me why someone should give her time to grieve over a lost dog, when she didn't give them time to grieve over a lost son? where was your caring, compassionate robin starr then? she is trying to turn herself into the victim to get everyone's support, it is not fair for her to prosecute people for an accident happening, and then not have to face the same consequence because she is “robin starr”"

Z. Constantine said...

Have to agree with prior posters - this woman would be a hypocrite to continue pursuing others' mistakes when she is obviously not above making the same - unintentional cruelty is still cruelty, and people who profess to "police" animal cruelty are not above the law.

Robin Starr is a dog killer - she has no business running a humane organization.

Anonymous said...

If a cop had accidentally done the same thing' robin would have attempted to prosecute them and ruined an honorable family. She should commit suicide.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old article, but I want the bloggers to know that Robin Starr and the way she runs the RSPCA is insane. I am a former employee who just put her two weeks in over the weekend. Ever since working there, I have never felt the love and compassion this place is supposed to be about. Don't even get me started about how much she pays herself to "run" a non-profit organization. She doesn't even take care of her own cat in her office. She relies on the hard working kennel staff to take care of it for her.