Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Zealand Man Caught Cooking His Pet Dog

Did you know that in New Zealand you are still allowed to eat your pet dog, well the SPCA doesn’t like the sound of that. So when a guy named Paea Taufu from Auckland, NZ was in the middle of cooking his pet pit bull the ASPA had arrived to help put a stop to it.

An Inspector from the SPCA named Derek Haddy said: I find it quite disturbing that someone would kill a pet and then eat it. I'm not okay with that but unfortunately the law allows you to do it. We are just hoping some new legislation will be brought into the updated version of the animal welfare act.

Well due to the laws in New Zealand there were no charges for this man, hopefully some new laws might come about from all the news this article has produced.

Read the article here.

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