Saturday, August 22, 2009

Peru University Caught Stealing Dogs To Use For Dissection

It was reported that the University of San Marcos in Peru has been using stolen dogs in their classes when a friend found his buddies dog in the University lab about ready to be cut open.Luckily Carmen Valverde was able to rescue his dog Tomas with the help of his friend.

The article says that a lot of dog owners came to the school looking for their missing dogs and luckily, one more dog owner was able to save his dog from being killed. So how many dogs were really stolen off the streets for these classes is unknown, but I’ll bet they will be watch from now on.

The sick statement by the Dean of the medical school named Ricardo Rubios said: I assure you we would have returned the dog. All our experimental surgeries are done to dogs that don't have owners.

So I guess they go around looking for any dog that is left walking around by his self and snatch it up for class. How sick is that to cut up a poor dog that is homeless.

Read the article here.


ericrusso92 said...

This is a sad thing to hear. those people doesn't have a heart for animals, specially dogs. This is the time when we, dog owners, dog rescue workers, support each other to stop this kind of stealing. So many dog rescue sites need our help, and one of them is Save a Dog:

Hudson said...

So many injustices out there on poor dogs who don't have a voice to tell their stories. Keep up the great information on your blog!!!