Saturday, August 1, 2009

So They Rescue 106 Dogs, But Who In Charge In Nebraska

When I read the articles about one hundred and six puppies being rescued from puppy mills I thought it was great. But when you read into the articles one puppy mill owner wouldn’t let the rescuers on his property.

So who is running the puppy mills in Nebraska, it doesn’t look like the D. O. A. or even the local law enforcement are. What kind of laws are there in this state when an owner can just say no; you are not allowed to see what’s going on.

The Hearts United for Animals took in the one hundred and six dogs, but they are also saying that they also rescued more the five hundred dogs from the same places.

The state's Commercial Dog and Cat Inspection Program Dr. John Boucher said: inspectors ask breeders to downsize when they have more dogs or cats than they can handle.
I can’t believe I read that, they asked… what about the poor dogs.

Lori Hook the HUA Director said: Of the 50 that we're keeping, I'm estimating it will cost about $20,000 in medical expenses to just be able to get them to the point where they're comfortable and they're adoptable. In earlier rescues breeders turned over their sickest dogs that could no longer produce puppies. Those dogs had teeth that were rotted, deteriorated jaws, mammary tumors, usually benign, from over breeding, and shyness and fear from a lack of socialization.

So the owners are off the hook to pay for the medical expenses for these poor dogs that made them money. I think we should put them in cages and see how they like it.

Thanks to all the people that volunteered to help rescue our buddies

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Sign the petition to help limit the number of dogs at a puppy mill in Nebraska

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