Thursday, August 13, 2009

So Will Missouri Ever Find All The Puppy Mills

So far Missouri’s official’s have only found around one hundred and seventy puppy mills since they started to do a crack down on these owners. They have also seized some two thousand animals from these places.

So how many puppy mills are there in the state of Missouri let along all the other states though out the country that have gone below the radar of being caught. We wonder why there are so many pets sitting in the shelters with nowhere to go.My thought is how are all the states expect to police their areas and find all these puppy mills out without the help of the locals or the people that buy from these places.

Yes you might think that you are getting a good deal on a dog from one of these places, but if they are registered where they are check on periodically to make sure these puppy are being treated and taken care of right. You can know that the puppy has been treated right and is healthy due to having all their shots which are check out during the visits from the inspectors.

If you are buying from one of these mills and you see something that’s not right at least let the authorities know because you might just help save some of the puppies from living a life of hell.

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