Monday, August 17, 2009

Did You Buy A Dog From Oak Hill, Florida You May Been Scammed

If you happened to buy a dog from a so called breeder named Renee Baker from XXX N Brooks Cir, Oak Hill, Florida you might have gotten a dog with fake vaccination paper work?

Renee Baker will be charged with four felony charges for taking thirteen dog license tags from the DeLand Animal Clinic and forging vaccination certificates that she stole from the Val-U-Vet.

Gary Davidson from the Volusia County Sheriff's office said: The Animal Control staff was investigating complaints against Baker, who operates the Rendach's Dog Breeders, when they discovered tags on thirteen of her dogs were not registered in the county system, the tags were assigned to the DeLand Animal Clinic, where Baker worked as an assistant for about fifteen months, but the clinic had no records of the tags being assigned to any animals.

It’s nice to see that the Animal Control staff were on the ball to help put this want-a-be dog breeder behind bars. So if you or one of your friends have brought a dog from this lowlife you might want to contact Trever Henderson from the Sheriff’s office @ 386-943-7866

Read the article by Gary Taylor here.

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