Sunday, August 9, 2009

7 Pit bulls Rescued From Dog Fighting

The Sumter County Deputies raided a dog fight at the home of Betty Simms and they were are to rescue seven dogs but due to their injuries they will have to be put down.

The Deputies were able to arrest seven of the people that were there for the fighting while the article said about twenty got away. The Deputies are also looking into some graves in the yard where the dogs that lost might have been buried.

This is so upsetting to read about the poor dogs that are trained to fight.

Sheriff Anthony Dennis said: To train a dog to an extent, not only could cause injuries, but actually kill someone. Upon responding, they could hear yelling and noise in the background in terms of killing and attack. By observing the dogs, you could tell their injuries were consistent to dog fighting.

I hope these lowlifes don’t get off easy like Mike Vick did…

Read the article by Jackie Faye here.

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