Monday, July 7, 2008

Who’s Dog Was It Really On Craigslist

A couple from Spanaway, Washington had lost their two dogs about a month ago from their home when they were out.
Now a month later they see an ad on Craigslist showing the two dogs. Cordell & Cori Hazard thought that it was definitely their two dogs and tried to get the seller to give them back.

Well you will have to read the article by Tonya Mosley here to find out what happened, also watch the video too.

This gets even better when you read some of the posting on Craigslist:

A plea to the one that has the dogs

Shame on you seller

Dog Thieves (Karmaville)


RE: Dane and Pug Theft (WA State)

RE: Stolen Pets

Update from Pug and Great Dane Owners (Spanaway/Tacoma)

This is the post by the owners of the dogs.

This is how it all started- we went to movie matinee on Sun June 1st, we got home and dogs were gone and backslider was open. We started driving around , asking people, called animal control, humane society and found/injured dog lines. Not 1 clue as to where they disappeared to. Started to lose hope, but still called every day to found dogs and kept posting ad on here for missing dogs. July 5th- went to CL to repost ad and right there in front of my face is my dog being sold for $150 I was so happy to see she was alive and okay- My heart was racing, then as I looked closer in the pic I saw my pug in the background- it was my Samson!! I called the # immediately went to voicemail so I left a message as an interested buyer so I could try to meet them- and know where they are. No response, then had family and friends call about buying dogs. No response. Finally I called again and they answered. When I told them I wanted to buy dog, they said we already sold her sorry. My heartfell...I said when? You just posted the ad on July 4th at 5pm, Its July 5th at 1pm!! The girl said sorry. I was so upset at this point I told her- You just sold my dog- I have a chip, papers and pictures to prove that great dane and the pug are mine!! Unless you want me at your door with the police I suggest you cooperate and we will handle it quietly. She began telling a woman name Kelly what I said she began yelling, Call the cops I don't give a **ck!! Then hung up. Called Police they came over did report, police called the people too. Cop said he talked to 4 different people at that house they all have different stories, they are all obviously lying. I begged please go get our dogs, can't you get a warrant for their address or something? He said he can't unless there is proof a crime was committed by breaking into our house and stealing them. We have no proof. He said if WE find their location them call police back, he will go to there house and find our dogs. If you know who has our dogs or if you have seen them, or bought them we will reimburse you for whatever you paid or if you don't want to give us dog just respond and tell us where you went to get dog and maybe there is hope we can find the pug still, help us get our dogs home. Cordell

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