Thursday, July 24, 2008

So You Think It’s Safe To Let A Dog Lick You, Maybe Not

A woman named Julie McKenna from Mildura, Australia didn’t think twice when her dog who is a Terrier licked her superficial burn that she had.
Julie wound up going into a septic shock that had not only sent her to the hospital it also made her lose all of her fingers, a leg and the toes on the other foot.
This is pretty scary when you read something like this, but there is even more.
A man named Yorke Mountforde from Tasmanian was bit by a dog that resulted in only a nip that didn’t even draw any blood and within twenty four hours Yorke was in the hospital comatose.
Now with Yorke having a greater risk for an infection from having his spleen removed when he was a kid made maters worst in contacting the infection called capnocytophagia bacteria that dogs and cats carry in their mouths. So five months later Yorke had lost his two legs and later his fingers.

So this is getting to a point that kinder makes you wonder if this is a fluke or is this something we should watch out for. I know that I always let my two dogs lick me especially when I just get home from a road trip from work.

Read the article here.

Two Articles on Capnocytophagia Bacteria
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