Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pit Bull Bites A Cop As He Approaches A Car

We all know that Pit Bulls are sometimes very violent dogs at times.
Well when this Ohio Police officer walked over to a car he had just pulled over the Pit bull lunged out threw the back window and bit the officer’s arm.
You would think that with all the training these officer’s receive that he would have made sure the dog was out of reach before he got too close to the door. After looking at the video you just wonder if the dog was just protecting his owner. Remember that not all of these Pit Bull breeds are bad dogs, but no matter what kind of breed your dog is most dogs will protect their owner when they sense some kind of danger.

So what is your view:
Should the officer had taken a little more time in accessing the vehicle or do you think that the owner was at fault?

Read the article here.

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We know several pit bulls and think that they are spectacular animals and really great pals. And as far as being 'very violent dogs at times', they are only what humans make them.

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