Friday, July 18, 2008

Did PETA Breaks The Rules On Sex Talk About Dogs

Video by PETA

PETA has come out with a video that is going to get a lot of people upset when they view this video.
I even thought that it was too much to link child birth to promoting the spraying and neutering of pets.
Melissa Karpel who is the spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said: PETA isn't really comparing teen pregnancy with animal overpopulation, but is trying to make a point by linking the two in the ad. It’s irresponsible to let your children have unprotected sex and it’s irresponsible to not spay and neuter your animals when we’re in an animal overpopulation crisis in the United Sates. There are 8 million companion animals are currently languishing in shelters across the United States.
Yes there are a real lot of pet animals that are homeless and they have a point but I still think that this goes a bit over the edge on the awareness.

Read the article by Catherine Donaldson-Evans here

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