Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Are You Looking For A Hunting Dog

I stopped over at Gun Dog Mag today and read an article by Bob West that talked about buying a puppy for the hunters? Bob talks about how people would look and hold a dog thinking that they know they have found the one. He also talks about how the breeder will try a figure out how much you have to spend and sell you the most expensive one if he can.
The main thing I have read about is first what are you going to use your dog for, in meaning what are you hunting for birds, deer or what have you… Then to find a real known breeder that is well known for their dogs and you will most likely get your self a great dog in the long run.
I must say that Bob had a great article.

There was also an article by James B. Spencer who talked about a women named Luann Pleasant from Red Rover Retrievers Kennel who talked about picking the right puppy. Luann said that with out the right training you will just ruin the dog that you paid all that money for.

Read the article by Bob West here.

Read the article by James B. Spencer here.

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