Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dog Trainer Must Serve Time For Killing His Dog

Photo by The Daily Telegraph

Magistrate Ross Clugston has sentenced a dog trainer named Terry Darragh to spend five months in periodic detention and one hundred and fifty hours of community service along with a thousand dollar fine.
You see this dog trainer Terry had left his Greyhound Go Bronco in his car after he had an accidentand reported the car stolen. So tell me do you think he was drunk and was trying to cover up the accident and just walk away from his pet dog. Something tells me that this story is getting fishy, especially when he said that he was suffering from anxiety and depression at the time.
How do you walk away from you true friend that you raised from a puppy. The poor dog was critically ill with dehydration and heat exhaustion when he was found before he died. I just hope nobody ever asks this bum to train their dog after what Terry did.

Read the article by Kim Arlington here.

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