Monday, July 14, 2008

Dog Eats His Own Paw To Escape

Photo by ABC 24

I was reading a article about a little puppy that was only about ten weeks old with his one paw chewed off.
That was heart breaking to read, fortunately the poor dog was found by a neighbor of an abandon house. You read over and over about people just walking away from their homes and just leaving their pets. Don’t they know that any shelter will take their pet with no questions asked?
Linda Sutphin from the Dogs 2nd Chance rescue group said that they had to amputate the little guys leg and it will take about two weeks to recover.

Read the article by Shane Myers here.
Read the updated article by Dana Rebik here.

Don't forget and see the video and find out who these bums were that did this to the poor little dog on the updated article and how to adopted this dog.

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