Friday, July 11, 2008

New Type Of Flea Control For Your Pet

New Technology in Flea Control

Eco-Friendly technology to get rid of Fleas

ORRVILLE, Ohio, July 11 /PRNewswire/ -- John Shields President Orrco
Inc., announced today the introduction of the latest technology in flea
control -- HI-TECH FLEA TRAP.

Kansas State University along with Westham / Gamasonic has developed an
Indoor flea trap for consumer use. After years of study, the joined efforts
by the two of the world leading eco-friendly R&D firms, has produced an
environmentally safe, highly effective flea trap, branded: "HI-TECH FLEA
TRAP" (market by "Orrville Pet Products")

After evaluating the product performances and the technology, Orrco
decided to join the latest stage of the development to fit the product to
the needs of the US market. To learn more about Orrco, follow the link to

"Right from the start we knew that in order to satisfy the needs of pet
lovers, we need to achieve a new level of effectiveness that was never
reached before," said John Shields. "Our goal was to clear a room in only
one night, something never achieved before. With this goal in mind our team
of researchers had a lot of extra hours in the laboratory. Finally our last
model was able to clear a room in just 6 hours.

On July 19, 2008 the new product will be available for distribution
nation wide.

For more information please contact:
John Shields - President at 330 683 5015 ext 664

High-Tech Flea Trap

-- Patented New Technology
-- Clear a Room of Fleas Overnight!
-- Developed with Kansas State University

High-Tech Flea Trap is a safe, light, cordless, & highly effective
device designed to get rid of the fleas in your home over night. High-Tech
Flea Trap has under gone an extensive laboratory testing, to develop the
lighting Relatively narrow-band visible spectrum, give an effective
variable light intensity and color, as well as the lighting pattern, and it
uses no chemicals to harm the environment. The High-Tech Flea Trap works at
night while you rest. The dark color design enables the trap to
"disappear," maximizing the efficiency of the light to work its magic.
Under the High-Tech Flea Trap's magic light you can get a very close look
at fleas, which may have been living on you or your loved ones for some

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