Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Do You Do When The Police Or Animal Shelter Won’t Help

After calling the police and the local animal shelter a guy named A.J. Wilkinson who was working in Memphis, TN took matters in his own hands and brought a dog that had a chain embedded around his neck that he found while working at a customers home to the local vet.

A.J. Wilkinson said: I didn’t get a response at the animal shelter. I couldn’t get anyone on the phone so I called police. Police said call emergency management. When I called emergency management they said we can’t send anyone out there unless we get a call from police.

The Veterinarian Jennifer Limbaugh from Parkway Village Companion Animal Hospital said: That is a very severe would, a very painful wound, this wound was there a minimum of three to five days, by the look of the infection and how deep it has gone down into the neck.

Just looking at this video you can see the chain embedded in the poor dogs neck and it was pretty bloody too. I guess that the officer that came out didn’t really care about the dog being injured.

Read the article by Jeni DiPrizio here.

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