Saturday, December 4, 2010

Three Dog Killing Abusers

You would think that you were given your dog up to a animal lover, but then you find out here had dead dogs at his property and the dog you gave him is gone.

Back in November the South County Deputies had arrested an animal abuser named Phillip Rinn when they found two dead dogs and one barely alive at his house. This wasn’t the first time this abuser was arrested for abusing a dog, Rinn was charged with dragging and running over his dog back in ninety three and got off with a slap of the hand on that charge.

So now the original owner of the dog Jamie Cotner is worried not knowing where his dog is.

Denise Crosby here.

The Sacramento County District Attorney's office will be charging an unnamed suspect who not only burned down a house but also beat to death a dog.

Dan Torres the city's chief animal control officer said: This dog was brutalized, I have never seen anything like this. The beating crushed the dog's skull and the animal suffered more than 20 stab wounds.

This must have been one sick person to do this to the dog and burn down the house.

Read the article by Cynthia Hubert here.

This dog abuser named Lionel Brown from N. Versailles, PA might be finding himself in big trouble when the animal control officers found two dead dogs and one that was barely alive inside his vacant home.

This guys excuse was that one of the dead dogs was his sister’s and he had no idea how the other dead dog was in a bag in the garbage can. And he went on to say that he usually goes to the house to feed the dog.

So this guy just leaves his dog all alone in a vacant home and feeds the dog when he can, now if that isn’t dog abuse I don’t know what is.

Read the article here.

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