Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1200 Dogs Killed Due To Distemper Outbreak In Wyoming

A sad day for all these dogs that had to be killed due to an outbreak of distemper at the Beaver Creek Kennel in Kansas this week. The breeder Jeff Fortin said he had no choose as this is a highly contagious disease that was confirmed by a pet store that he had sold the dogs to.

The Kansas Livestock Commissioner Bill Brown said: It became an economic situation, and consequently became a health, safety and welfare issue for the puppies. The owner couldn't feed his dogs, his help left, and health, safety and welfare became an even bigger issue.

So here is another puppy mill gone bad and to read that the owner couldn’t ever come up with the money to help save the other dogs is upsetting. Why do these states allow these puppy mills to be in business if they are not going to keep up with the rules and have the proper funding for situations like this?

Read the article by Chuck Smith here.

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