Thursday, December 2, 2010

Some Sad And Bad And Good Dog Article's

You need to see this video of a woman who dog napped her neighbor’s dog because she owed her money. Now Carol Cascadden from Hampstead,New Hampshire is being charged with felony burglary for stealing the dog.

Read the article here.

Finally this dog killer from Georgia named Kenyata Mondrell Bryant has been found guilty and sentence for killing his neighbor’s dog with anti freeze.

You wonder how anyone could do this to a dog.

Read the article by Zanna Huff here.

A dog killer named Terry Lynn Cook from Florida takes his anger out on his dog during an argument with his wife when he chased his dog and shoots the poor thing.

Now this nut case is being charged with animal cruelty and aggravated assault.

Read the article here.

Now for some good news if you would like to know about the history of dog shows Sylvia Cochran has put together a great article here.

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