Wednesday, December 1, 2010

One Dog Breeder Isn’t A Happy Person

With all the new laws that were passed in Pennsylvania about puppy mills has got this puppy mill owner mad. Jean Payne Cyhanick was found guilty on fifty charges of animal cruelty on which she must give up all but four of her dogs.

Some of Jean Payne Cyhanick comments were: How unfair, how unjust, I wasn't guilty of any of that. If they had convicted me of only one, I wouldn't have been happy because I'm not even guilty of one.

I personally don’t know this breeder, but with all the poor dogs being dumped in the animal shelters these days I only wish that they would stop breeding these dogs so that the shelter dogs don’t have to died because there are so many dogs out there.

Read the article by Amanda Crawford here.

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Casey O'Ryan, author said...

People can be so cruel. Ignorance and greed go hand-in-hand. The picture you chose is heartwrenching. Kudos to you for spreading the word. Too, you've a terrific sense of humor.

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