Friday, December 3, 2010

Chicago Veterinarian Arrested Again, This Time For Failing To Report Dog Fighting

You would think that after having so many charges filed again him over the years a so called Veterinarian named Gary Friederich who owns the Park Forest Animal Clinic would have had his license revoked by now.

This time the so called Vet has been charged with six counts of violating Illinois veterinary laws for not reporting dog fighting and not giving rabies vaccines when he said he did.

Just looking at this guy I wouldn’t trust him with my dogs and I hope they bar this guy for life. Gary Friederich has been suspended two times and put on probation three times and now he is being charged again when he was only charged last month for falsely reporting rabies vaccinations, failing to maintain sanitary conditions at his facility and failing to maintain biannual inventory of controlled substances.

Amazing that the laws allow someone with so many priors to hold a licenses. I wonder how many other vets are out there that don’t give you the real vaccines and charge you.

Read the article here.

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