Friday, December 17, 2010

Dead Dogs Found At The Muddy Paws Kennels and Rescue

The Kildeer Police have arrested and charged Diane Eldrup with animal cruelty when they found eighteen dogs that were dead inside the building.

After watching the video, I don’t care what the neighbors have to say about this person, all’s I know is that there is no reason for these dogs to have died. I hope that Nandia Black the Kildeer Village President sticks to hear word that hopefully this doesn’t get repeated again by making an example of Diane Eldrup for killing these dogs.

Read the article by Stacey Baca here.

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Anonymous said...

Instead of putting this woman on trial or going to court and wasting the tax payers money, do to her what she did to those poor animals.There is no excuse for that. Does she have a mouth? Yes. Then she should have contacted the local animal shelters and asked for help. Contact the local radio stations for help. Any person with a heart would and should have helped if the question was asked, or the public was informed of the situation.