Monday, September 27, 2010

Who Keeps Stealing Sheridan Smith Dog Enid

Photo by RJK

For the second time in a month Sheridan Smith has had her dog Enid stolen from her. This time somebody had taken her dog this past Thursday from here house which left her devastated.

Earlier today Sheridan posted on her tweeter site: It's a miracle, Enid was returned to me today! I can't go into detail because of the police investigation but thank you to every single one of you. It is most certainly because of you guys spreading the word that I got her back. You will never know how touched and grateful I am for all your kindness and support. I am overwhelmed and good certainly overcame evil!

It’s nice to see that her dog has been returned and that the dog wasn’t harmed. I wonder if this person who keeps on stealing the poor dog was trying to ransom the dog or not. I guess with everyone knowing about her dog being missing had helped deter the would-be thief.

Read the article here.

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