Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Have Things Gotten So Out Of Hand For An Animal Rescue Group And Facebook Posting

That what seems to be going on with the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City, NJ which is supposed to be a no-kill shelter. Apparently the posting on their Facebook page called Liberty Humane Society Uncensored has the new staff feeling that they are being threatened by some of the posting which now has found its way to the court system.

Due to the shelter killing some twenty six dogs since the new staff has taken over the posting has been upsetting for the employees. One of the posts said: Wherever you go we will find you!! You are the hunted now. We played nice and you wanted to play hard. Now We Will Hunt You! And then there was the president of Pets Alive Matt DeAngelis who said: It's unfortunate that people are allegedly making threats, but this is a very emotional issue," he said. "They (board members) do condone violence against the dogs and cats we're trying to protect. (But) I don't think fighting violence with violence is the answer.

A board member named Althea Bernheim said: even if the people who posted the threats aren't serious, others have responded that they are willing to protest outside board members' homes and harm them. They've called for the board members' euthanization, its death threats and we're really upset.

If you read the lawsuit it seems like things really have gotten out of hand. I can only say is: how did it get to that point? Well we read every day about pets being dumped off or abandon on the streets by people that wanted a pet but when things got bad for them they just dump their pet. Yes I know there are a lot of people losing their homes but would you dump you child in the street too? These animals are the ones that you said in the first place that you wanted and would give your love to. So when I read this article, I thought about it and this all comes down to too many pets are being dumped off.

Read the article by Melissa Hayes here.

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