Thursday, September 23, 2010

We All Know Dogs Love To Dig Holes

Most dogs love digging holes looking for whatever is there due to their curiosity, but sometimes they might find more than they were looking for.

A young kid named Nathan Poland from Seaton was walking his Springer Spaniel when the dog started to dig a hole and found a priceless pot that dates back to the Romans. What a find for this dog and we complain when are dogs dig holes, you never know what they might find.

The curator named Jane Laskey at the Maryport’s Senhouse Roman Museum said: the pot was a piece of Samianware from the late second century or early third. It was a remarkable find because, although the Romans brought a lot of Samianware to Britain, this piece was in very good condition and had a lot of decoration.

So what’s the bottom line….don’t stop your dog from digging, you never know what they may find.

Read the article here.

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