Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kennel Owner Uses Homemade Gas Chamber To Kill His Dogs

The owner of Black Diamond Acres Kennel in Romulus, NY named David Yoder will most likely be facing a lot of charges of animal cruelty for gassing some ninety three dogs. Apparently the state Health Department had asked David Yoder to get medical help for his dogs who had Brucellosis and instead he made a homemade gas chamber and started killing his dogs.

The Seneca County SPCA director Jenny McWhorter said: I was sick, just sick to think about the horrors the animals went through and I was pretty angry it happened. I was horrified. That must have been a very painful and long death.

A USDA spokesman named Dave Sacks said: It’s against state Agriculture and Markets law for any person to poison a dog or cat with exhaust fumes from a gasoline engine, a state official said. Also, the federal Animal Welfare Act only allows for licensed veterinarians to destroy dogs.

How cruel can you get to do something like this to your dogs, it just shows that he didn’t even care for the dogs and was in business for the money.

Read the article by Scott Rapp here.

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