Monday, September 6, 2010

It’s Sad When You Have Lost Your Dog

Jessica Simpson in one who knows about losing her dog Daisy Mae a year ago by what she thinks was a coyote in her yard. With all the sadness and the thoughts of other dog owners Jessica had make a comment on her twitter page saying: This day last year my life changed because I lost my baby Daisy Mae - the best pup of all time... Give your dog some extra love today!"

I just thought that it was so nice to share her sadness to others so that you will care about your pet too.

Read the article here.


Pet Product said...

Definitely losing a best friend, a baby, a puppy or what ever we called them is a very sad moment of out life. It's like you lost a part of your heart. I feel what also Jessica's feel about losing her dog because I guess that is the same feeling I felt when I lost my dog Lyka.

Dogman2 said...

I have lost a child and a dog.... I know that they will always be in my heart.

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