Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lab Dogs That PETA Help Show The World Were Abused And Had Chemical Burns

We all know that researchers use animal for their research but to abuse them and to find some type of chemicals that burned their paws is not called for.

The top video is real graphic on showing the abuse by the employees at Professional Laboratory and Research Services Incorporated in NC. While the second video shows how the beagles have had some kind of trauma that will stick with these poor dog for life.

The animal shelter director Marsha Williams said: If you touch them they flinch or tense up, they're afraid that there's going to be something that we're going to do to them that would hurt. I don't know if that comes from the testing or the abuse but it's not normal.

I can only imagine how many other pets are out there being abused like this. Where have we gone wrong when an employee will become heartless and abuse an animal with no feeling at all.

Read the article by Tracey McCain here.


The Pet Wiki said...

Animal testing is a very problematic issue especially since most animal testing is done for products and not for medical purposes. More information on this problem is at

Dogman2 said...

Thanks for the link

online pet insurance said...

Most of the animals that are used in testing are bred just for testing, but many others come from the pound.

plumbing said...

I have a soft spot for animals and I feel for them. Cruelty to animals is a complete no no!! We should exert our efforts to help and save the animals.