Saturday, September 25, 2010

So You Got Your Dog Micro Chipped Will It Work

There’s a company called Anibase that said the dog owner has no right to know where his missing dog is due to not reporting his dog stolen. Can you imagine that you spend the money to have the chip put in, in the first place knowing that it’s suppose to help you find your dog if it becomes missing and the company says: sorry you out of luck.

Well this has happened to a dog owner named Dave Moorhouse from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire who lost his Jack Russell called Rocky back in two thousand and seven. Dave only received a call from Anibase in regarding info about his dog a few months ago and Dave wanted to know where his dog was and that’s when Anibase refused to tell him.

Dave Moorhouse said: I would love to get my dog back but Anibase and the police won't tell me where he is. He was a gorgeous, lovely dog who would lick you to death. Rocky was great with kids, he was great with everyone.

So because Dave didn’t report his dog stolen back then Anibase’s Rep said: that Anibase could only release the details of the dog's location if ordered to by certain courts or if the police request it.

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I would do is contact the company that monitors your dogs chip to see if their rules are the same as Anibase’s rules. And if you use this company I would think about getting a new company if they aren’t going to help you find your dog in the first place.

Hopefully Dave Moorhouse finds a good lawyer to help him get his dog back.

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