Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dog Dies Having Teeth Cleaned

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So you bring your dog to have their teeth cleaned and it dies? First off I was unaware that the vets put your dog under anesthesia, I guess I will be sticking with a good old tooth brush.

Sadly enough a dog owner named Terry Fry has lost her little dachshund when she took her dog Minnie to have her teeth cleaned to a local pet hospital.

Terry Fry said: What three year old dog dies with teeth cleaning? She was in good health when I dropped her off. We're so upset; we're so angry.

I would be angry too with the loss of one of my dogs too.

The vice president and client advocate for Banfield veterinarian Karen Johnson said: It's tragic for everyone about the death. This isn't anybody's fault.

Did she really say that???? I don’t believe that at all, someone has to be held responsible for the loss of Terry’s dog.

Read the article by Andrea Jackson here.

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