Monday, June 22, 2009

So You’re Wondering Who’s The Loudest Dog In The World Is ?

The Guinness World of Records has named a German Shepherd from Holland-on-Sea in Essex called Daz who has a bark of one hundred and eight decibels.

Let’s just say that a level of 90-95 can make you sustain hearing loss and it’s louder then motorcycle. You can even turn your old walkman radio all the way up and Daz’s bark is louder. So in other words that sure makes Daz one load dog.

Daz’s owner Peter Lucken said: To me his barking is just normal, run of the mill dog barking It's a powerful bark but I didn't think it was that powerful until now.

Read the article here.


Franx said...

Great post my friend...thanks for your comment

Dogman2 said...

Thanks and you sure have a way with your post...LOL...