Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Cruel Dog Owners

Donna West and her son Brady from Seymour, MO have been charged with animal abuse when their puppy mill was raided and they found the dogs being malnourished after many warnings.

While over in King Williams County in Virginia a guy named Cary Longest had gotten off easy for starving his eleven hound dogs, where four of these poor dogs had died.

When are there going to be some strict laws out there to help stop these cruel puppy mills.

Over in New Jersey the guy named Yavuz Atalay who dumped his dog with her nine puppies seems to have no friends when the public defender told the judge that he wouldn’t represent the bum because of his personal beliefs.

Now that is one nice lawyer to stand up and say NO. The guy should defend himself and try and explain why he dump his dogs….Tell us Yavuz, how could you do that to your dog and her babies…… And the rest of you cruel dog owners, come on tell us why?????

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