Sunday, June 14, 2009

Couple Rescue A Dog And Now They Have A Deer Too

Photo by the Oakland Press

A couple named Kirsten and Kevin Hartig from Troy, Michigan had rescued a dog named Louie from a shelter called Canine Castle as a pet. Now they seen to have a deer as a pet who likes to come out and play with Louie when he’s in the yard.

The article talks about how this is a one of a kind relationship, I remember posting another article when a deer walked up to a couple and their dog. So again to me it just shows the innocents of the two animals that are unaware of the fear that we have made in this society.

How many things happen like this that we don’t ever get to see with wild animals. And why do we think this is supposed to be unusual for two different types of animals to get along. We as humans learn to get along, why not animals.

Read the article by Stephanie Steinberg here.

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