Saturday, June 20, 2009

Family Arrest For Dog Fighting

Richard Robinson and his mother Ardeller Morris from Richmond, VA have been charged with animal cruelty and dog fighting. The Richmond Animal Control officer Jody Jones said: We saw that there was an increased activity of dogs on his property, at which time we went in on some compliance issues and saw some evidence that there may be some dog fighting going on the property.

Robin Starr from Richmond SPCA said: It has put serious teeth into the penalties for dog-fighting, which Mr. Robinson is about to find out.
Richard Robinson sister Connie Robinson said: He stopped that a long time ago, being involved in any kind of criminal activity with dogs when he was originally prosecuted for that about three years ago.

So I guess that the local animal control and the SPCA just made this up, we all know that by reading this article you don’t treat dogs like this for no reason. And why would a mother stand by and let this happen on her property and not stop her son from abusing these poor dogs.

Read the article by Ryan Nobles & Terry Alexander here.

Pennsylvania Animal Cruelty Bill Being Held Hostage

Over in Pennsylvania the chairman of the Judiciary Committee Rep. Thomas Caltagirone has been trying to get his animal cruelty bill passed where there is a lot of hold up in the senate committee.

Rep. Thomas Caltagirone said: They are playing games with me. They're impounding my dog bill, which would bar anyone except veterinarians from performing certain surgical procedures on dogs.

Why is it so hard to just vote on this bill, and not try and bring in some other kind of bill that you have to vote on to get your bill passed. Wonder why are government is so messed up. Just vote Yes.

Read the article by Amy Worden here.

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