Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Puppy Mill Owner Dumps Off Sick Dogs ?

Photo by Kirotv

Some one from the Bainbridge Island, Wash. area had dumped off six sick dachshunds off in front of the Bainbridge Island Furrytale Farm that is a rescue place. The manager Suzannah Sloan said; the dogs were dropped off by a woman who claimed she'd found them in Mason County. Suzannah also said; she believes they came from a puppy mill.

Some of the poor dogs had tumors on them and were showing signs of neglect. How cruel is that, to just keep on using these dogs to breed and them dump them off when they are used up. At least they didn’t just kill the dogs and maybe they have a good chance to live a decent life if they get adopted.

I don’t know what the laws are in Washington but this is an abuse that is on called for and the owners should be charged for their actions.

Read the article here.
Warning the video is heart breaking


Kasha said...

I am super excited to of found this amazing dog blog. I am trying to branch out in the blog world. Thank you for your blog. However, This post broke my heart. I kind of like to stay in my little world where I think everyone treats their pet as well as I do. This blows my mind. I am adding you to my blogroll . Please stop by and meet my Africa. Thanks for all that you do!

Angela S. said...

So sad. I because your article mentions Dachshunds I'm going to pass it onto another blogger that has a special place in her heart for Dachshunds. In case you're curious, here's the site: http://frankiethewalknrolldog.blogspot.com/ I'm not affiliated with the site, but I think the woman is doing great work like you... making everyone aware of the struggles of dogs.