Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Own A Dog/ Need A Job

Dog News Daily's $1 Million Donation Helps Dog Owners Find A Job

Dog News Daily, publisher of the fast growing website DogNewsDaily.com, provides $1 million dollars in advertising space to help unemployed dog owners get back to work. Dog News Daily's Help Find a Dog Owner a Job program provides dog owners with two ways to find a job for free in the $44 billion pet industry.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 9, 2009 -- Dog News Daily announced, today, the launch of its Help Find A Dog Owner A Job employment assistance program to help unemployed dog owners get back to work.

Funded with $1 million worth of advertising space, this nationwide program will enable unemployed dog owners to search for jobs within the $44 billion pet industry in two different ways. They can either post a one-page resume on Dog News Daily's popular blog for free; or they can review and respond to job openings that have been posted on the blog by hundreds of companies from within the pet industry.

According to Alan Siskind, the publisher of DogNewsDaily.com, "As one of the leading websites for both dog owners and the $44 billion pet industry, Dog News Daily is in a unique position to help dog owners find a job in this recession proof industry."

To have their resume published, all a dog owner has to do is go to BlogDogNewsDaily.com,, click on the "Post a Resume" tab, and follow the simple instructions.

Once a job seeker's resume is approved, it will immediately be made available to the thousands of prospective employers from within the pet industry who visit both DogNewsDaily.com and BlogDogNewsDaily.com each week.

Siskind goes on to say "There are an estimated 4 million unemployed dog owners in the US many of whom visit Dog News Daily. Unfortunately, a growing number of them are finding it increasingly more difficult to care for their pets. If our program finds even one dog owner a job so that they don't have to give up their pet, we will consider this program to be a huge success."

To further help dog owners find a job, Dog News Daily will, also, allow businesses of all sizes from within the pet industry to post jobs for free on its blog. Job seeker's can, also, review and respond to these jobs for free.

Because of Dog News Daily's strong commitment to help find loving homes for the million of shelter dogs in this country, it will neither accept nor post job listings from breeders, puppy mills, or retail stores that sell dogs.

About Dog News Daily LLC

Dog News Dailly LLC, publisher of DogNewsDaily.com., launched its fast growing website in December, 2008 after 18 months of research and development. Funded and managed by a group of dog loving investors and marketing professionals, DogNewsDaily.com will be comprised of 4 separate yet interconnected sections - the Product Section and blog which are currently running; an eco-friendly and natural products store which opens online in late June; and a service provider section which launches in July.

For more information, please contact Alan Siskind at 310.479.3999 or at Alan at DogNewsDaily.com.



mela said...

This is nice...a job site especially for the pet industry. a very new concept.

boxers dog said...

thats wonderful to read. job in pet industry ,wonderful.