Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Lot Of Heart Breaking Dog Abuse News Today

First there was a guy named Dennis W. Duell who was charged by the Fulton police with aggravated animal cruelty for stabbing a pit bull to death.
Now how dose someone just kill a dog like that, there must be something really wrong with this guy.

Over in Rome, GA a guy named Kenyatta Towers was charged with animal cruelty and dog fighting for having eighteen Pit Bulls that were used for dog fighting.
Lt. Dana Collum of the Floyd County police department said: Some of the dogs were padlocked to the ground. Now if that isn’t sick for someone to put a dog though that.

A guy named Simon Jerome Putmon from Belle Glade, FL has been charged with nine counts of abandoning or neglecting animals and one count of causing cruel death, pain or sufferings for starving nine of his dogs.

As I read these articles it is so upsetting to think what these poor dogs had gone though.

So now we go to El Paso County, Texas where a cruel women named Elva Ortega walked around with her four month old that had a collar so small that it had been embedded into the dogs neck until someone reported her.
How do you just walk around with your little dog knowing that it’s collar has lacerated the dogs neck, you can’t say I didn’t see it can you.
Well anyway Elva was charged with cruelty.

Up in North Bend, Wash. there has been a reward posted to find out who shot a four year old Rottweiler and left it tied up on the side of the road.

My day has been so sadden after reading these articles that makes me want to love my dogs even more. So please if you are unable to care for your dog, bring it to a shelter where it might have a chance to a new life. And don’t hurt your pet; they are your friend who will always show you love when treated right.

So I had to try and cheer myself up so I found a link that shows a video of the dogs that star in Legally Blonde, The Musical. I recommend this after reading about what these sick people did to our buddies.

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Kasha said...

Wow! That was depressing. I can't imagine treating a dog that way. When our first boerboel died, Tonka, I lived in regret for months for the times I didn't take the time to pet him. We treated him like gold, but even after all of that there was still regret because he was just our friend. He was so loyal....even up to the moment we had to have the vet administer the euthinization. He just looked at us the whole time while we pet him and told him thank you for his 18 months of greatness. How does anyone look a face like that in the eyes and hurt him. Blows my mind!