Sunday, June 28, 2009

Florida Man Arrested For Dog Fighting

A Guy named Albert Jordan from Titusville, Florida was arrested and charged with animal cruelty for running a dog fit in his back yard with his pit bulls.
A police corporal named Kevin Hickey just happened to come across the dog fitting by accident while on duty. Kevin Hickey said: Several had wounds on them that were fresh. Some were old wounds. They didn't have food or shelter. Some were living in their own feces.

The article said that Jordan has denied that his dogs were fighting, but after reading the article you have to wonder why everybody that was in the yard at the time the officer showed up seemed to have ran away. And officer Hickey even said that he had seen the dogs fighting.

Read the article here.


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John Alexis said...

No doubt its a good news.
What the hell is this going on, According to me its very inhuman. I just hate these kinds of dog or cock fight. Thanks Florida Police for such a great step against those cruel persons.