Monday, September 22, 2008

Today's News About Dog Food

This Is No Bowl: America Eats With Its Paws

WholeMeals(TM) Brand Food for Dogs Launches Charity Campaign to Rethink
Feeding and Help Animal Shelters Nationwide

FRANKLIN, Tenn., Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- On September 24, the tables
of one of America's hotspot restaurants will be cleared of all bowls,
plates and utensils in order to serve the country's first "hands-on" feast
for dog owners and dogs. To celebrate National Dog Week, WholeMeals(TM)
Food for Dogs has partnered with The Farm of Beverly Hills(R) to launch the
"Eat with Your Paws for a Good Cause" charity promotion to benefit Much
Love Animal Rescue and animal shelters nationwide, as well as to give dog
owners and dogs across America a chance to experience a new, more natural
way to eat.

"We're excited to show dog owners that the way we traditionally do
things isn't necessarily the only way. We think from a dog's point of view,
and our research shows dogs prefer to eat with their paws like we do," said
Margaret Mitchell, director for WholeMeals(TM) Brand. "Only WholeMeals
shaped meals allow dogs to pick up and eat their food. So, we're turning
the dining experience upside down and tossing tradition aside to let owners
experience a more natural and satisfying way to eat with their dogs."

To help bring to life "hands-on" eating, WholeMeals(TM) Brand is
launching the program with a kick-off event that includes FREE meals for
owners who reserve a patio table and bring their dogs to The Farm of
Beverly Hills(R) at The Grove on September 24, 2008. Guests will dine on an
exclusive "hands-on" only, three-course feast developed by The Farm's
nationally renowned executive chef, Hans Goplen, while their four-legged
friends enjoy a complimentary WholeMeals(TM) shaped meal.

"The Farm is known for our innovative culinary approach, so we're
excited to put a twist on the dining tradition," said Fran Berger,
president of The Farm of Beverly Hills(R). "Many of our patrons are dog
owners and lovers, so we are thrilled to provide them with a truly unique
opportunity that gives back to the animal community."


There are three easy ways for dog owners and lovers to participate in
the national "Eat with Your Paws for a Good Cause" charity program:


-- Grab a bite of a FREE, "hands-on" meal for you and your dog on
September 24, 2008 from NOON to 7:00pm PDT at The Farm of Beverly
Hills(R) at The Grove. Advance reservations for owners and dogs are
required and can be made by calling the restaurant at 323-525-1699.
WholeMeals(TM) Brand will make a $10,000 donation to Much Love Animal
Rescue, an LA-based charity dedicated to reducing overpopulation, abuse
and neglect of domestic animals.


-- Dog owners nationwide can get their paws on the "hands-on" experience
online at Participants can download recipes exclusively
developed by The Farm of Beverly Hills(R), obtain a coupon for a bag of
WholeMeals(TM) Food for Dogs, and get top feeding and training tips
from national pet expert and author, Arden Moore.


-- For every purchase of WholeMeals(TM) Food for Dogs from a participating
retailer from September 24 through October 31, 2008, WholeMeals(TM)
Brand will make a matching product donation to needy animal shelters
nationwide, up to a total of $250,000 (aggregate retail value).

A More Natural Way to Eat

WholeMeals(TM) Food for Dogs is a breakthrough in feeding that lets
dogs pick up and eat their food with their paws -- a more natural and
satisfying way to eat. Developed with experts at the esteemed Waltham(R)
Centre for Pet Nutrition, WholeMeals(TM) Food for Dogs' unique shaped meals
were scientifically developed to fit natural canine behaviors, in order to
help increase overall meal satisfaction and enjoyment. Other proven
benefits include:

-- Lets dogs enjoy mealtime up to four-times longer, so there's more
enjoyment and less gulping.
-- Nutritionally complete and balanced for adult dogs with all the
ingredients and essential vitamins, minerals and proteins to help
support healthy skin, coats, joints and immune system.
-- Clinically proven to reduce plaque accumulation by 43-percent and
tarter buildup by 83-percent.
-- Helps owners better monitor and feed proper portion sizes.

"Mealtime is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of a dog's
day, so it's really important for owners to share in this experience," said
leading pet author and renowned animal expert, Arden Moore. "Only shaped
feeding like WholeMeals food allows owners to hand-feed their dogs, and
this personal interaction has been shown to build stronger emotional
connections and bonding experiences with dogs."

For more information about the "Eat with Your Paws for a Good Cause"
charity program, go to

About WholeMeals(TM) Brand Food for Dogs
Brand Food for Dogs is a major milestone in canine
feeding. Developed with The Waltham(R) Centre for Pet Nutrition, the
world's leading authority on pet care and nutrition, WholeMeals(TM) food
for dogs is the first shaped meal designed with scientists as a dog's main
meal. The product offers premium nutritional and health benefits designed
for the way dogs naturally enjoy eating. Visit
for more information.
About The Farm of Beverly Hill(R)

Established in 1997, The Farm of Beverly Hills(R) restaurant is known
for Innovative American Cuisine(TM). The restaurant boasts three locations
in Southern California with expansion plans for more.

(R)/TM Trademarks (C) Mars, Incorporated 2008

THE FARM OF BEVERLY HILLS(R) is a trademark of Beverly Hills Farms,

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