Monday, September 15, 2008

RSPCA Pulls Out Of Two Dog Shows

A BBC documentary called Pedigree Dogs Exposed has rattled the RSPCA from joining two top dog shows called Crufts and the Discover Dogs show.

RSPCA chief veterinary adviser Mark Evans said; Dog shows using current breed standards as the main judging criteria actively encourage both the intentional breeding of deformed and disabled dogs and the inbreeding of closely related animals. There is compelling scientific evidence that the health and welfare of hundreds of thousands of pedigree dogs is seriously compromised as a result. From a dog health and welfare perspective, such shows are fundamentally flawed and do our much loved pedigree dogs no favors. Intentionally breeding deformed and disabled animals is morally unjustifiable and has to stop.

Just maybe having a big sponsor like the RSPCA pulling out of the upcoming shows will help fight the cause of these poor dogs being inbreeded.

Mark Evans also said; When I watch Crufts, what I see is a parade of mutants. It's some freakish garish beauty pageant that has nothing, frankly to do with health and welfare.

Now that’s a bold statement that just might wakeup these breeders.

Read the article here.

See the BBC video here.

See the six part video on youtube here.

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